Choose our next tut and getting CSS work done!

I got around to posting the 3rd in our popular series of PSD to CSS tutorials last week and I have been suprised at how much people seem to be liking them. So much so we are going to let you decided what our next tutorial should be.

The 4th and final part is on its way in probably 2 -3 weeks and should finish off nicely how to create the 3 column design. But dont worry that wont be the end, for a start you can download all the content and play with it to your hearts content, but we are also planning more tutorials based around the ‘Sanke Photography’ theme. In no time you should have a full toolbox of tips and tricks to use to build your own website using nothing but CSS.

Like I said above the main reason for this post is to ask you guys what you are looking for CSS help with, place your tutorial ideas below and the best (most beneficial to the learner) ones we will turn into tutorials for you.

< shameless plug >If you are struggling with your CSS or just looking to hire someone to ;get some css done’, then please feel free to use the contact form link in the footer to get in touch.< /shameless plug >

Dont forget to post your ideas in the comments below!


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6 comments on “Choose our next tut and getting CSS work done!

  1. Paul Morris on said:

    Hi Paul, nice to see you are still active. Life is busy here in Norfolk, even without a job. We never did get to meet before I left Ceredigion.

    My idea for a topic: If you look at either of my websites or, both use css for the layout and I have a background image for the combined logo and banner. I wanted to place a clickable logo image over the banner, but I could never get it to position correctly.

    Can you, or your team of experts solve this and make a tutorial at the same time?



  2. on said:

    Hey Paul, Nice to hear from you again.
    We covered how to do what you are wanting in the series of tutorials we are running, in Part 2.
    You place your logo as a seperate image over the background, as an image using the image replacement technique we talked about. It also adds possible SEO benefits by adding in the text of the logo. You probably need to totally remove the logo from the background and play with overlaying it. Have a look at the tutorial and see if it fits.

  3. I think a complete guide to the css positioning will be nice

  4. Hey

    I think a good tutorial for CSS
    Would be expanding menu’s both ways

    So horizontal menu with drop downs, and then they expand out sideways.
    And vertically.

  5. Manuel Minino on said:

    Hello!! ver very nice set of tutorials…. i am a newbie in all this coding-css-xhtml stuff.. just taking tutorial Pt.1 !!!

    In my experience (10+ years in graphic design), clients AND designers AND creatives most of the times want to have “not standard” fonts and custom designs in the menu buttons, so it would be interesting a cross-browser tutorial about that “image replacement” stuff, “slicing and coding” for image-based horizontal menu… or, at least, a way to put the standard text in place over a custom design with some mouse over highlight…

    thnx 4 your great tuts!

  6. Hi my Friend!!!

    This tutorial is fantastic!!

    I’m a newbie using Dreamweaver CS4, but it is possible to add in this tutorial how to integrate and make work the “Search” field so the visitor can search the site’s content by keywords?

    I hope you can do it!!!

    Thank you!!

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